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As a corporate professional, a leader in your industry, you already have to multitask every single morning along with managing everything else, you often end up staring at your wardrobe before making a comfortable decision on what to wear! Don't let having clothes, but still nothing to wear overwhelm you as you open your closet every single day. What if I tell you that it doesn't have to be hard and that your wardrobe makeover is only a click away? We give you the armor of confidence, to show up as the best version of yourself enabling you to do what you’ve always wanted to do now that the confident You is here. Get the unique pieces from an expert personal stylist that you can pair with your wardrobe staples, that fits your lifestyle needs. Saving you time, energy and the stress of finding it yourself!
Look Good at Every Size. Every Stage. And Every Transition.

Conquer the world, One Outfit at a Time!

Look & Feel Like the VIP You Are!

You are a powerhouse. Your skilled leadership marks your presence as you never hesitate to take innovative paths and bold decisions. Why should your wardrobe be any different!Show Up & Show Out Every Day!

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“It was awesome! She did an amazing job. I wish I had started working with her a looonnggg time ago. She has an eye for stuff that I would never look at. She stretched my imagination and I was happy about it. Thank you for sending her!”

Patrina King – Business Owner

Patrina King – Business Owner

“@loveevonya was an incredible stylist after I shared with her what I’d like to dress like on my first in-person speaking engagement. I’ve gained pandemic weight and lost my interest in shopping for fashionable clothes. Comfort and style were key. She nailed it!!”

Shila Burney – Investor

Shila Burney – Investor

Shavalerie -TV Producer

Shavalerie -TV Producer

About Love E

Have the Armor of Confidence with Style!

Welcome to Love E Fashion. If you often feel like you have a closet full of clothes, but still nothing to wear, feel like your style doesn't represent who you want the world to see or don't know how to dress for your body now after weight loss/gain, marriage, divorce, employee to entrepreneur etc you are in the right place. You have what it takes to conquer the world. All you need is a little help from us!
How Does it Work?
It's simple! We do the tedious work by finding pieces and delivering them to you with a personal style fitting, including alterations and exchanges. Your radiant smile brightens the room as you grin ear to ear, adoring the New You, confident and stylish.
Sizing is never an issue at Love E. We know all sizes are beautiful and find precisely what you need to rock your personal and professional world the way you should.
Your style speaks for you before you speak for yourself. Whether you are a corporate professional/executive or the CEO of your own company, or simply someone who wishes to amp up their wardrobe, a personal stylist is what you need.

Light travels faster than sound! People see you before you speak! Is your corporate image and style matching up to what you want to show the world? As personal stylists we make sure your look and dress matches your capabilities, competence and professionalism. Which is why finding your personal style is just as important as finding your voice! We are here to help you make sure the two match! We do this by having a style consult where we discuss your current style and how to elevate it. We ensure your new look matches your voice and personality. Contact us today to get started with creating a style that reflects who you actually are!

Our clientele consists of corporate professional men and women who care about their appearance, but just don’t have the time, desire or expertise to shop. They leave that to us!

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You are so much more than A Size on A Clothing Tag
Own it to rock it! Check out our weekly styling tips below from our Corporate Executive Personal Stylist and revamp your daily styling and make everyday your Runway!

Look Good & Feel Confident at any Size!

Style has no Size!

Check out our weekly Style Tips from our lead Corporate Personal Stylist that you can use for your daily life!

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