3 Spring Outfit Inspirations!

The seasons have now changed and of course we have to transition from our layers of heavy clothes to light pieces for the Spring. We all have had the “what am I going to wear today, or this week ?” So here are a few ideas to put a fresh spin on what you may already on and just never thought about a new way to style it! The first look is a monochromatic my example is white with a pop of color, cause that’s a perfect color for the season but you can do it with any spring color lavender, mint, coral or any pastel or light color. Second look is the dress over jeans or pants trend just gives layers without being too much and you can cinch it at the waist with a belt to give a nice silhouette. The last look is my favorite which is the double breasted blazer dress, which is exactly how it sounds, like wearing a blazer minus the pants lol. Its a sexier look and more for the evening, but a great way to elongate your legs and finish with minimal accessories and a great heel! For personalized style tips or style questions you can contact me.

From Me to You,
Love E

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