3 Tips for Busy Women!

We all are busy, going from here to there! We need to get dressed an keep it moving! Now of course you want to get dressed quickly, but you also want to look good at the same time here are five tips to do just that!
First: Plan ahead if you know you have important meetings and you need to be dressed to nines. Plan the outfit ahead of time and try it on, so you already know how it fits and if its not fitting right you can change it and not try to do that the morning of when you already rushing around!
Second Tip: Know the Weather! The weather may change the look you had planned, if its going to rain you may not want to wear those open toe pumps after all.
Third Tip: Plan Accessories, purse and shoes along with the outfit, so that when you get dressed you already know everything works well together. That way everything comes together how you envisioned it!

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From Me to You,
Love E


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