4 Different Ways to Wear Leggings

Leggings is a comfortable and functional stable that every woman has.  So want to have multiple ways to wear them and dress them up or down.  Here are 4 fashion forward ways to wear your leggings for this season.  By layering and accessorizing with statement pieces you can bring a whole new life to a simple pair of leggings! Below are some style inspirations that you can recreate with your own spin to it.  For personalized style tips you can contact me here!


how-to-wear-leggings-blouse-ankle-boots-600x6003 how-to-wear-leggings-dress-otk-boots-600x6002 how-to-wear-leggings-puffer-jacket-600x6001 how-to-wear-leggings-vest-turtleneck-600x6005


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