As we are past the first month of the new year we are working hard on our personal and professional goals, we can’t forget our style goals! Finding your style is just as important of finding your voice your style reflects who you are before you even open your mouth! So here are 5 trends you can add to your wardrobe to help with your style goals for the year. First trend is the color adding the color purple to your wardrobe. Ultra violet is Pantone color of 2018. You can do a monochromatic look of purple or just add a pop of purple. Second trend is sheer, you think sheer can only be for nights out on the town but with the right layering you can take sheer from desk to dinner. Third tip is waist bags aka fanny packs lol, this waist bag is a new way to carry your bag shoulder and hands free in a modern fresh way. Fourth tip is suiting every professional needs a suit, but add a twist with the fabrication such as velvet or metallics as we well as wearing a printed suit. Last tip is fringe which has been around, but you may not know how to add it into your wardrobe. Fringe can be added in a bold way like a fringe pant, skirt or dress, or in more subtle ways like earrings or a handbag or just a touch of fringe on a jacket. Either way its a pop of texture that can be added to showcase your style. These are just a few ways to accomplish some style goals if you would like personalized style assistance you can contact me!

From Me to You,
Love E


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