About Me

Love E” head stylist and owner Evonya Easley is a certified personal stylist with over 15 years of experience and has worked with thousands of clients to achieve their personal best by curating their image thru wardrobe. Evonya works with busy professionals, because she knows what their pain points are. Having been there herself, from when she worked in corporate as an accountant for ten years before transitioning into her passion for personal style. She knows the struggle of wanting to look professional, but still showcase your personality, competence and capabilities. 

She helps clients show up in the world, by giving them the armor of confidence, to showing up as the best version of themselves enabling them to do what they have always wanted to now that the confident YOU is present.  Get  unique pieces from an expert stylist that can be paired with staples without all the time and stress that fits into your lifestyle needs.  You can look good at every size. Every stage. And every transition. “Style has no size!  You can have your wardrobe speak for you, finding your image is just as important as finding your voice!  Your image can speak to your competency, be the fearless You, by identifying your personal style and we can help you achieve it! Love E has been in the corporate world herself in her former life as an accountant, she knows how to transform professionals lives thru an image that helps further their success in all areas of their life! She has worked with NY Fashion Week, Milly By Michelle Smith, Turner Broadcasting, Fox, CBS, TV-One, HLN, CNN, Atlanta & Co, Vh-1, Tyler Perry Studios and Disney just to name a few. She has a wealth of knowledge to share as someone who has done it and still working in the fashion industry.