This week’s style tip is about birthday style. Virgo season is here and it’s our founder Love E’s birthday season, so here are some of her birthday looks! If you’re the type of person who believes that more is more, then sequins and bold colors are your ultimate companions for your birthday bash. This is the day to unleash your inner diva and shine like never before. Opt for a sequins, or a min dress in a vibrant hue like metallics, electric blue, or hot pink. If you prefer a more refined and understated style, a chic neutral dress is the perfect choice for your birthday celebration. Channel your inner sophistication with a sleek dress in shades of ivory, champagne, or soft blush. This timeless and elegant look exudes confidence and sensuality without needing to shout. Remember, your birthday is all about celebrating who you are, so don’t be afraid to mix and match styles to create a unique ensemble that truly represents you. Maybe you want to pair a sequined top with tailored trousers for a playful yet sophisticated vibe. Embrace the opportunity to dress exactly how you want, exuding confidence, and celebrating another year of being fabulous you!

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