Closet Cleanses

Now that a new season is upon us, its time to transition our closet.  We have to shed our winter layers to lighten our way into Spring.  Having a system in place will help make this go smoothly so here are some tips to ease into this Spring season!  First invest in some good hangers, whether they be wooden, plastic or velvet these will keep your clothes in a better condition and keep everything neat and nice looking.  Secondly, purge what you don’t need wear or want. The rule is if you haven’t wore it in at least a year you are not going to. So get rid of it the rule is toss, keep or donate, give to a family member or a charity.  You can also sell to consignment stores or resale shops if its good quality or designer pieces. Thirdly, pick a organization system that works for you, whether its to color coordinate or organize according to color or type of garment.  This will make it easier and quicker to get dressed.  Last tip is don’t get overwhelmed it may take more than a day or you may need assistance, but you want to finish so that your closet which is the foundation of your wardrobe and personal style.  If you would like some closet assistance please contact me here and I would be happy to help! Closet Cleanses is one of the many services Love E offers to clients!


From Me to You,

Love E

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