Today’s we’re going to talk about closets. At the end of the day, the closet is the foundation of your wardrobe. It’s where you go to get dressed. You can’t get dressed out of a mess. I am going to give you all my top closet tips to get you ready for the new season. The fall is coming, and I want you to make sure your closet is ready so you can get dressed and be your best self. My first tip in the closet, of course, outside of cleaning, organizing, and purging, is color coordinate and season coordinate. It’s really important that you separate your wardrobe, that way you don’t have to deal with the whole closet at one time, but you deal with it per season. I like to organize closets according to spring summer and fall winter. That way you only focus on one half of your closet half the year, the other half for the second half. Another essential closet tip is the dry clean method. The dry clean method is a way for you to wear everything that you own. If you’re not wearing it, resell it, donate it, throw it away, but make sure you purge it from your closet. You can focus on the spring summer side of your closet first. When you finish wearing something, instead of putting the things back into the rack, you want to put things that you’ve already worn to the back. After I wear something, when I hang it up, I put it to the back of the rack, and I do that every time I wear something. That’s the beauty of the dry clean method. It forces you to wear everything that you own. If you can’t figure out how to wear style it, you should get rid of it or figure out how to style it. That way you can be certain that you’re wearing all the pieces in your wardrobe. Statistics show that people only wear 20% of their wardrobe because they’re wearing the same 5 to 15 outfits over and over. They’re not wearing the other 80%. The best way to wear everything in your wardrobe is to the dry clean method. Wear an outfit and move on to the next. The dry clean method should be implemented with every section of your closet. Ready to tackle your closet clutter? Whether you’re look to redesign your closet on a budget or building a new walk-in wardrobe, let these closet organization tips help optimize every square inch you have available. Styled by Love E offers a ‘Closet Cleanse’ as part of our services. Let us help you organize your closet and maximize your wardrobe!

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