Happy Style Tip Thursday! Did you know a well-organized closet is the foundation for your impeccable style?  To truly unlock your style potential, it’s crucial to create a well-organized and inspiring closet space that reflects your personal taste. We’ve got some valuable tips to help you achieve closet nirvana. Start by sorting and organizing your closet by clothing type. This simple step will make it easier to locate specific items and streamline your outfit creation process. Next, purge clothes that no longer align with your evolving lifestyle. Embrace the power of decluttering and let go of any garments that no longer bring you joy or serve your style vision. Remember, quality over quantity! Lastly, lean on thin hangers. Upgrade your hangers to slim alternatives, such as plastic or velvet. Thin hangers not only create additional space in your closet, but they also help maintain the shape and condition of your beloved garments. Create a closet that uplifts and inspires you each day!

Are you confident in the image you are projecting? Does your wardrobe match your executive presence and have you showing up as  capable, competent and professional? If you’d like  help Download the Styled by Love E app today and enjoy a personal shopping experience with the help of our personal stylists.

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