Did you know that most people only utilize 20% of their wardrobe? This means that 80% of your wardrobe is not being worn. This week Love E will show you how to get the most wear out of your wardrobe.  When it comes to their closet, most people gravitate towards the same items mainly because they are easier to wear. In order to utilize more of your wardrobe, get into the habit of putting the clothes you’ve just worn at the back of your closet. This way, you won’t wear the item until it comes back into rotation. If it comes back into rotation and you don’t know how to style or wear it, you can either get rid of it or you can download the Styled app and one of our stylists can help you. We always show our clients how to style the pieces that they purchase. Click the link below to watch the video


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Step Up Your Style! Styled can be used to style pieces you already own or shop for new pieces, whether it be for your every day style, workwear, social hangout or any special occasion. We are offering in person and virtual style appointments. Whatever your comfort level we will accommodate and take care of you. Let us take your mind off things and let’s get styling. Download the Styled by Love E app and get started today!

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