Are you tired of wearing heels but still want to look fashionable? Our style tip this week focuses on flat boot styles for the girls who prefer flats over heels. When it comes to fall season, boots come in an array of colors and styles to match the changing weather and fashion trends. Picking the right color is key. Invest in a pair of versatile flat boots that work with most outfits. Neutral colors such as tan, burgundy, black, and grey are ideal choices for fall as they can easily be paired with denim, sweater dresses, and skirts. Add depth to your outfits by experimenting with different textures and materials of boots such as suede, leather, and velvet. Flat boots are every girl’s go-to footwear for everyday comfort and style. So why not Invest in a pair (or two!) this season? Your feet will thank you and your wardrobe will too! 

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