Get Your Shine On!

We are in the holiday season and its your time to shine! One of the ways to do this outside of bling, sequins and metallics is patent leather or vinyl. This is one of those trends come out that we are not always exactly sure how to incorporate into our wardrobe without doing too much! The trick to wearing this trend is to make the statement and pair it with jeans or a simple tee or sweater. And if you are not quite ready to wear a pair of vinyl pants you can always add a great pump or bootie or purse with that shine to still get the affect! When the shine is paired with something subtle, you get a nice combination of feminine and fierce. Below are some examples to add to your wardrobe and shine this holiday season in non traditional way! For personalized style tips on how to wear this trend and more you can contact me at!

From Me to You,
Love E


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