Lighten up Your Winter Season!

As the temperatures continue to drop people have a tendency to resort to all black, while wearing black is easy and timeless you tend to look just like everybody else. Alternatives to wearing all black is wearing lighter colors in winter fabrics such as wool, cashmere, suede, leather etc. Camel and cream are just two examples of refreshing alternatives to black. Shades of gray are always a chic bet, and even the option to wear head-to-toe pastels: Try a buttercup jacket over a fuzzy turtleneck in the same color, or for a little extra dimension, wear two complementary hues, like powder blue and lilac. The key to pulling off these “summer colors” is to mix the textures of the fabrics. Wool pants with soft fuzzy sweater, fur jackets with leather skirts and suede with silk and or lace. So lighten up your wardrobe and possibly your mood this winter season wit a lighter color palette. If you want personalized style tips you can contact me at
From Me to You,
Love E
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