It’s not only a New Year, but a new decade

and as we set our intentions for our personal and professional goals, don’t forget to set your style goal and tone for the year.  Since light travels faster than sound, people see you before you open your mouth, so its important to present how you want the world to receive you and perceive you.  Dress how you want to be addressed and here are a few tips to help with that.  First is taking inventory of what you have in your closet, your closet is the foundation of your wardrobe so good style starts there.  You want to clean, organize and purge anything that is no longer serving you and your current lifestyle.  Secondly, you want to identify your style, decide what you want your style to say about you whenever you enter a room.  You want to showcase your best self to the world.  Part of your personal brand is how you dress and carry yourself, it’s not the clothes but how they make you feel and how others feel about you when they see you.  Last tip is putting together the style you want to showcase whether that is deciding what you need to shop for or how you actually style what you own and how to put it all together in a polished and professional manner.  Of course if you would like to save time and energy and get a professionals expertise to help you can contact us and download our style app and get one of our stylists to assist you with your style and shopping if needed.  Contact us to book now!

From Me to You, Love E


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