Today is about honing in on your personal style and matching your style to your personal brand. The importance of having clear branding for your business is well known, yet there is often less concern over the personal style. No matter the industry you’re in fashion and style can have much impact on your business. Ask yourself how’d you like to come across and how you want others to perceive you. Ways you could marry your personal style to your personal brand would be to wear your brand colors. What does your brand color stand for and how can you represent that in your style? Project yourself in a way that represents your personal tastes, your lifestyle, and your uniqueness and show up and look like the person that you want the world to see. Click below to hear Love E talk more about personal style and scroll to see what some brand colors represent. Have a blessed day!


Red: Power, Energy , Passion , Love 

Pink: Assertive, Intuitive, Respect, Feminine

Green: Balance , Growth , Generous , Clarity

Orange: Instinct, Optimistic, Spontaneity, Freedom

Blue: Spirit, Content, Ambition, Determination


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