People see you before they hear and your wardrobe says a lot about you whether you are aware of it or not. Your appearance reflects how you feel about yourself and it may be the only impression a stranger gets to see.  A great wardrobe is an investment in YOU!  It will enhance your education, resume, and personal brand, maximizing  your chances of getting ahead in your personal and professional life. In this week’s Style-Tip Love E explains how to use style as a tool and why everyone needs to add it to their “professional tool belt.” 
Are you confident in the image you are projecting? Does your wardrobe match your executive presence and have you showing up as  capable, competent and professional? If you’d like  help 
Download the Styled by Love E app today and enjoy a personal shopping experience with the help of our personal stylists.


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Step Up Your Style! Styled can be used to style pieces you already own or shop for new pieces, whether it be for your every day style, workwear, social hangout or any special occasion. We are offering in person and virtual style appointments. Whatever your comfort level we will accommodate and take care of you. Let us take your mind off things and let’s get styling. Download the Styled by Love E app and get started today!

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