We are officially in the Summer Season and if you didn’t Spring Clean during Spring, the time is definitely now! Here are a few tips on how to do so! First please please purge get rid of pieces that are no longer serving you and that applies to life not just your closet! Second, get rid of anything that looks like you have had had it since college…. and you been out of college for at least 20 years! Also anything that looks like you have washed it a thousands times its faded or those little fuzzballs start to happen to the fabric. Organize and separate your fall/winter pieces from your spring/summer pieces, so that as you get dressed you not looking for your summer maxi dress in the midst of your winter coats. Finally, take a hour one day out of the week and put some different outfit combinations together so when it is time to go you are already prepared and not scrambling to figure out what to wear. Your closet is the foundation of your wardrobe its hard to get dressed out of a mess. If you would like some assistance with your closet cleanse you can contact me!

From Me to You,

Love E

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