I seldom do this, but I really want to thank my stylist, Love E Easley, for all of her help over the years…Left to my own resources I would stick with comic book t-shirts and sneakers…but thanks to her, my style is a whole lot better!”

“Left to my own resources I would wear comic book t-shirts, jeans, and vans every day. Except for funerals or weddings, and then I’d put a black blazer over my comic book t-shirt, but keep the vans and jeans. However, as luck, grace and good fortune would have it, I started to do more and more on-air work and consequently, I needed to find someone who could help me dress, not only for television but for speaking engagements, soirees, trips, and the like. Along came Evonya Easley.

I have worked with Evonya for years, and when I say her services have been essential to my success and progress that is likely an understatement. First, she does a fantastic job of finding the right clothes for me, which not only saves me time but the money and effort of going store to store all over to find things. She’s set up meetings with custom tailors for shirts, ties, and suits. The best part is that these services all come to ME, Evonya brings the whole team to wherever I’m staying and packs it all up when she’s done. For someone like me, who doesn’t have a real penchant for design, she gives me a full book of outfits after every fitting so I know various combinations that work with my most recent purchases and since she has a file of every item of clothing I’ve ever bought from her, she can always provide updates from the recesses of my closet.

Lastly and perhaps best, part of her service is being available, for FREE via phone and text when I have fashion questions. Just about every week I text Evonya a late minute “does this work?” text and she always patiently responds, whether I’m packing up clothes or almost at the airport.

Evonya is fun, friendly, has a hilarious southern twang, and is a pleasure to work with. Seriously if you ever think you’re in need of a fashion consultant or stylist, she’s the ONE.”