In this week’s Style-Tip it’s all about texture! This is often one thing that is overlooked when creating outfits. Creating contrast with textures can take an otherwise simple outfit and add a bit more depth and personality to any look, it’s a sure-fire way to add interest to your outfit! The key is to strike a balance between textures; creating harmony and tension between them allows your outfit to be a bit more than just colors and shapes and adds some extra “razzle dazzle.”.
If you’re new to adding texture to your outfit, we’ve put together a little cheat sheet of texture pairing for you to try:
1. Fur + Denim
2. Velvet + Silk
3. Leather + Denim
4. Suede + Silk
5. Cashmere + Denim
6. Cord + Jersey
7. Sequins + Denim
Still unsure how to style texture in your everyday life? 
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