With every new season comes new trends, some that last and some that don’t! The color red is timeless and comes in so many hues like orange, sunset or coral and looks great on most skin tones. Polka dots have been around forever and they are back its a striking chic trend that just adds a pop no matter how you wear it! Final trend is the little white dress, the same as you have a LBD (little black dress) you need all white ensemble for the season, get a white dress with some scalloped or eyelet details. Sheer panels/cutouts and corsets adds a fresh twist to a basic white. These three trends are not only great for our current Spring season, but are timeless, classic and have staying power! You don’t want to feel like you invested in a piece that you can’t wear again, so that is why these trends are great! These pieces will not only get you thru the season, but will work for years to come.  For personalized style tips or to get your style questions answered contact me!

From Me to You,
Love E


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