Tips For Winter Closet!


Tips for Winter Closet!
Winter is upon us and as the weather changes as does our wardrobe! So the first step in a fabulous winter wardrobe is a great closet! To prepare your closet for the season the first step is to clean and organized it. Second move all spring/summer out of the closet or at least to the back of the closet so you can focus on the current season. Put away shorts, sandals, thin fabric items, and summer like garments. Keep the silk, leather, suede and lace to incorporate into the new season. Stuff your boots so they can stand up or lay them flat either or to keep the best shape for them. For your knits and sweaters fold them so they don’t lose their shape if you do hang them fold them over the hanger. Last tips is for your coats put them on sturdy hangers to support their weight and try to keep them in a separate closet or make sure you have room for them in your closet so they are not cramped together. Overstuffing damages your clothes! these are just a few tips to prepare your closet for the season. For more personalized tips you can contact me at

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