Most everyone can be a little more stylish, I always say when I see people its not that I think they are dressed bad, I just know they could do more and look better. Here are a few ways to up your style ante without doing a lot of work. A few simple tweaks can improve your style greatly and at least put you on the right path towards great style! One is to add some color and prints to your wardrobe and stop with all the black or just neutrals, experiment with some color combinations like navy and pink, or chocolate brown with red etc. Another tip is maximize your assets and minimize your flaws. If you are tall own your height, if you have curves accentuate them in a flattering manner, great legs show them off and so on and so forth. Accessorize!, adding a necklace and earrings can do wonders to a simple outfit and take it to the next level. Last tip is to try some different silhouettes, if you always wear a pencil skirt try a fit and flare or A-line see what other shapes look good on your frame. If you want personalized style tips or help with being more stylish you can contact me!


From Me to You,
Love E

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