This Summer has a lot of different trends and to buy into all of them can get to be costly. So the alternative is to know which trends are worth investing more money in and the ones you can save money on. First, we will cover whats splurge worth, a quality white lace dress. Its basically the summer version of the LBD ( little black dress) so you want a quality one to get thru all the all white occasions and parties that will most definitely come up before the season is over! Another splurge worth item is leopard or animal print, it tends to look cheap when it is not in a quality fabric or material. Now not everyone is into animal print but if you are then this is for you. Last splurge is a statement top, a quality top can be paired with anything from jeans, pants, skirts etc, also it can be dressed up or down and the top half of your body is what is most noticeable. When you are out talking or meeting with people whether business or on a date with friends or a significant other. You usually are sitting across from them, so that’s what they see the most of outside of your face. As far as Saves you want to save on accessories its easier to find affordable accessories that look expensive and use the money you save on a splurge. Second Save is denim, it comes in so many price points and brands for the most part you can find affordable version everywhere from a resale, vintage shop to middle and high end department stores. Last Save is a silk cami, again like denim it can be found everywhere and you are usually wearing it under something of quality like a nice blazer or jacket so you don’t have to spend alot of money on an affordable and easily replaceable staple. Hope these Splurges and Saves help be a guide for all your summer shopping all season long. For personalized style tips or questions you can contact me.

From Me to You,
Love E

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