Fashion is about self expression there are no rules per se. You can wear what makes you feel good and what you look good in. One of the rules we are talking about breaking today is wearing white after Labor Day.

White just like any other color can be worn all year long its associated with spring and summer, but we all know of winter whites too. Its more about changing the fabrication of the white you are wearing, exchanging that white tee for a white knit, or a summer white dress for a long sleeve white dress and soon and so forth.

Here are just a few ways on how to wear white long after the holiday!



Adding sleeves will keep the chill off as the temps start to finally come down


Fall is on the way, wearing a white knitted clothes is a perfect transition piece to go from summer into early Fall.


Jumpsuits are a piece that work all year around and for every season and in every color!


You can add a white boot for a pop of color to any outfit and its a stark contrast to the darker colors we wear for the Fall season and it always looks good with black.


White Denim just like blue jean can always be a staple to wear year around in the summer with a tee and in the fall with a sweater or blazer


There are many style inspirations to choose from and If you need help with any of these style tips or more download our personal style app Styled by Love E for all of your personal style and shopping needs.



From Me To You,
Love E

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